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                            Friday - November 18th

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    Saturday - November 19th 

    10:00 am     

    5:00 pm

    Sunday - November 20th

    11:00 am

    Friday - November 25th 

    6:00 pm

    Saturday - November 26th 

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    5:00 pm

    Sunday - November 27th 

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    Friday - December 2nd 

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    Saturday - December 3rd 

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    Sunday - December 18th

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    Cocoa Class  $79*

                           Coach Class  $59*

                        Economy Class  $39* 

                           Private caboose  $1500 

                             *plus a $4 processing fee



  • Bio Andrew Cameron

    Name: Andrew Cameron

    Age: 56

    Occupation: Retired from Canadian Navy

    Volunteer Experience on 1225: Since summer 2015.

      I have been fascinated by steam locomotives for about ten years. We were restoring the cab of a Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson 2858 in Ottawa when we came to the mechanical stoker, which is the screw mechanism that feeds coal from the tender into the firebox. We could work out the piping, but not the operating procedures for the stoker controls. When I found out 1225 was running in ticket and had a stoker, I came to investigate and see the stoker in action. 1225 is quite a machine, not only in size(it would definitely blow the loading gauge of the heritage railway I fire at in England)  but the high level of technology in her at the end of the steam era.

      I found the atmosphere of the maintenance crew especially welcoming, and the variety of backgrounds and skill sets of the volunteers is quite impressive, as is their commitment and dedication to keeping steam history alive.

  • BIO: Steve Wasiura

    Name: Steve Wasiura

    Age: 29

    Occupation: Railroad Conductor

    School: University of Michigan, graduated 2010

    Having been fascinated by trains, and especially steam locomotives, my entire life, I started volunteering at SRI while still in high school in 2002.  At that time I knew almost nothing about the work that it took to keep a steam locomotive on the road, but thanks to the help and patience of several different volunteers and SRI staff I quickly began to learn.  Over time I got to try my hand at many different things, from general mechanical work to welding and machining.  Eventually I got to start firing the locomotives, starting out on Flagg Coal 75 and then 1225.

    It wasn't long before I realized that I wanted to work on steam locomotives more often than every Saturday.  The skills I gained through volunteering at SRI helped me to land a summer job firing the locomotives at Greenfield Village, and later a job at the Durango & Silverton where I worked for six years.  I also managed to occasionally work on steam in Europe and South Africa while serving in the US Peace Corps from 2011-2013. 

    What started out as a hobby for me has since turned into a career.  Though the railroad I work for today doesn't have a steam program, volunteering at SRI opened the door to many other opportunities in the railroad industry.  Best of all, though, is that every time I go to SRI I get to be a part of a truly amazing group of talented, dedicated people who all share a passion for keeping history alive.


  • Bio of Richard Sipp

    Richard Sipp

    Age 72

    Starting 4th year at SRI in 2015

    Dick is a retired Ford Motor Co. Assistant Chief Pilot,  and retired from 33 years service as an active and Reserve USAF Pilot.  Dick served combat tours in Viet Nam and Desert Storm.  At retirement Dick was the Vice Group Commander 927th Tactical Airlift Group Selfridge ANGB MI and USAF Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the State of Michigan.  This year Dick will qualify for the Federal Aviation Administration Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award with 50 years of accident/violation free flight experience.  He has logged over 13,000 hours of flight time.

    His primary hobby interest for 35 years has been involvement with the Experimental Aircraft Association, a national organization with local chapters made up of people interested in all phases of Amateur Built, Antique, War Bird and Light Sport Aircraft.  Dick has built 3 Amateur Built Aircraft.  Dick is also a life member of  the Yankee Air Museum and past volunteer aircraft restoration technician and pilot crew member of the B-25, Yankee Warrior.

    Dick also admits to being a latent rail and model railroad fan.  When SRI was discovered he realized that it might be possible to participate in the maintenance of the real thing. 

    The exposure to so many people with a wealth of knowledge and widely varied experience has provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about the important contribution made by the people and machines of the steam railroad era.  

  • Bio of one of SRI Explorer's and a Fireman

    Name:  Taylor Moon

    Age: 18

    Started Volunteering at SRI:  June 2009

    Occupation:  Full-time student at the University of Michigan 

    School:  Graduated Lake Orion High School in 2014

    My first experience with 1225 was in 1999 when I was two years old. My dad and I rode on one of the numerous excursions throughout northern Michigan that 1225 pulled in the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s. After that trip, my dad started volunteering at SRI helping mostly as a car host on train trips. I began volunteering in early 2009 to help prepare for the Train Festival that year. I then became a Car Host and worked alongside my dad for a few years on many fun trips. During this time, 1225 was out of service due to her federally mandated boiler inspection, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the rebuild.

    I began helping with the rebuild in 2012 with very limited knowledge about how steam locomotives work. Over the course of the following two years, I played an active role in the project and gained incredible experience along the way. I learned how hot-riveting is done, how to put in staybolts in the firebox, how to apply jacketing and insulation, and many, many other things. Over the summer of 2013 I began learning how to fire Flagg Coal Co. #75. I got a lot of practice firing for SRI’s themed summer trips, and I am now a Student Fireman learning how to fire 1225.

    When I am not at SRI I am studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. I am studying Civil Engineering and plan to graduate in 2018. I am an active member of the Steel Bridge team, and helped with the design, construction, and assembly of this year’s bridge. I have extensive experience with Computer Aided Design as well as limited experience with computer programming. Outside of school I enjoy travelling throughout Michigan in the summer and skiing in the winter. I have lived in Michigan my whole life and love everything this state has to offer.

    One of the main reasons I enjoy volunteering at SRI is because of all the great people you meet. I have met some of my best friends through SRI and I consider all of us volunteers to be a big family. In addition, I love to see peoples’ reaction the first time they see 1225 under steam. It truly is an impressive machine. I remember being in awe the first time I saw it back in 1999, and I love to see people experience that same excitement that I did.











Train departure times are prompt, please arrive at least 30-60 minutes ahead of trip departure time to get checked in and seated. Our tickets are sold by seat, all passengers require a ticket to ride.  Children 18 months and under do not require a ticket, as long as they are seated in a parent's lap.  All Sales are final no refunds, unless Refund Protection Insurance is purchased before sale is completed. (Refund Protection Insurance will allow for a full refund up to 72 hours before event.) Steam Railroading Institute reserves the right to change out motive power or rolling stock at any time. All firearms (concealed or Open Carried) are Prohibited on the property or on any Locomotive car or equipment of the Steam Railroading Institute.              

Please provide prior notification to the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) staff of any special physical needs that are required by a patron visiting the SRI property or excursion equipment. The SRI property grounds and equipment are not fully handicap accessible due to the SRI historical preservation nature of its properties and equipment.