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Michigan State Trust For Railway Preservation, Inc./The Steam Railroading Institute Donations

If you would like to help the Michigan State Trust For Railway Preservaton, Inc/Steam Railroading Institute continue our mission to keep Steam Era Technology alive, please consider making a donation.  

On November 7, 2013, the PM 1225 passed the Federal Railroad Administration’s mandatory 15 year inspection.  On November 20, 2013, SRI held a press conference and a viewing party with the first public fire up and trip just outside of the Owosso yard limits.  The PM 1225 was operational for the 2013 North Pole Express trips the weekend following Thanksgiving!   

Since the PM 1225 has returned to operation, we have had two years of successful trips under our belt.  SRI has been able to make a lasting impression on thousands of passengers, who have experienced the awe of riding behind our mammoth piece of history.  We are so grateful to our supporters who are helping us to continue the legacy of Steam Era Technology by creating a whole new generation of train lovers!  A necessary accomplishment for the future of Steam Era Technology Preservation!

We have many projects ongoing throughout the year.  Most of them involve improvements or rebuilds of historical rolling stock that help us provide the best possible experience to our passengers.  We have started rebuilding our lounge car and combine car in 2015 and have plans to start working on updates to our passenger coaches.






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Please provide prior notification to the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) staff of any special physical needs that are required by a patron visiting the SRI property or excursion equipment. The SRI property grounds and equipment are not fully handicap accessible due to the SRI historical preservation nature of its properties and equipment.