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Diesel Excursions

Throughout the year, the Steam Railroading Institute offers special excursions that use Diesel powered locomotives. This reduces the cost of the excursion making an all-day excursion more economical.
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Steam Excursions

The Steam Railroading Institute is best known for All-Day Steam powered excursion all over Michigan. Excursions are offered throughout the year. The North Pole Express is a favorite of many.

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Steam Excursions

The Steam Railroading Institute is best known for their all-day steam excursions. Every year trips are scheduled and carry thousands of passenger around Michigan behind one of the largest operating steam locomotives in the United States. What are you waiting for? Hop aboard for a trip back in time when life was a little simpler!

Diesel Excursions

Throughout the year diesel locomotive powered excursions are being offered. Take a look at our schedule to book the trip that is right for you.

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The Campaign for the Steam Railroading Institute/ Donations

If you would like to help the Steam Railroading Institute in its upcoming Capital Campaign by making a donation, please click on the link below.  Beginning in 2010, the Steam Railroading Institute will begin Phase I of this campaign, which is designed to match a federal surface transportation grant administered through the Michigan Department of Transportation, which will support the restoration of Pere Marquette #1225 to operation. The entire campaign is designed to support the continued operation of the Institute and #1225 for the coming years. Thank you for your donation!


It has been 2 years since I took the CMO position and in that time we have gotten a lot done.  To start with we started the rebuild of PM1225.  This project is moving right along.  If you miss a week you miss a lot.  We are replacing 90% of the firebox, all of the washout plugs, the floor of the cab, and most of the plumbing.  1225 has not had this kind of a rebuild since it was owned by the railroad.  To date we have 60% of the boiler work done.  We are starting to inspect all of the appliances, running gear and driving gear.  We still hope to return the engine back to service in 2013.

Another one of the projects we have done is we have set up just about all the old machines from the old Ann Arbor back shop and put them to work making new parts for 1225.  We hope to keep improving are shop in the coming months.  We also put all new lighting in the shop to help reduce are electric usage and make it so it is not like working in a cave.

One thing that was long over do is the up keep of are passenger fleet.  We have on car that just came out of the shop with a new paint job.  We have the next one in that is receiving some much needed trap work and body work.  In the next few weeks we like to get it in for paint.  Then we will look at what car that will be next in the shop.  We have been doing a lot of repairs to the electrical systems, HVAC and water and brake systems on the cars also.  One of the other cars we have been working on is the sleeper car the City of Ashland.  We have gotten it back on the road and we have been slowly up grading the electrical system and making it more reliable.  Keep an eye for it on some upcoming trips.  Some of the other car work we have done was fixing are power car and making it more reliable for use on are trips and take a lot of the wear and tear off or small generators that are on the coaches.

One of the new things we have started at the shop is SRI Contracting.  We are now doing contracting work on everything from making air fittings to rebuilding steam engines.  One of the projects that we just finished was rebuilding an old car ferry whistle that came off an Ann Arbor car ferry.

I would like to personally like to thank all the people that have been putting the long days in to get everything done and everything we want to do done.

If you would like to come and volunteer and get into all the fun we do at the shop please contact are volunteer coordinator Penny Green to get you set up for volunteering.

Thank You

Kevin Mayer



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The Steam Railroading Institute recently announced  its Capital Campaign to insure the future of SRI and the return to steam of Pere Marquette #1225.  A multi-year project, it is designed to insure the sustainability of the organization in its mission for years to come. The first phase of this project, known as the “1225 Club,” allows donors and supporters of the #1225 to make on time pledges of $1225 to support the match for our surface transportation grant, which may be pledged over two or three years. Pledges made be made through our paypal link below. For further information, please email us at

Many thanks to Rose Marie Bjorkland, who recently donated her husband John’s book collection to the Steam Railroading Institute. All books not added to SRI’s own collection are to be sold to support the restoration and match for Pere Marquette #1225. Many thanks!

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SRI welcomes matching gifts if they are offered by your employer.

To make a gift of stock or a legacy gift, please contact the Steam Railroading Institute at 989-725-9464.

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