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Caboose - $1,550 - $1,750
Caboose Includes:


Cocoa - $80 - $84*
Cocoa Class Includes:



Deluxe Coach - $60 - $64*
Deluxe Coach Class Includes:



Coach - $50 - $54*
Bi-Level Seating
Coach Class Includes:
  • One Cup of Hot Cocoa
  • Carhost Service
  • Assigned Seating - you choose Lower or Upper level
  • Souvenir Bell & Ticket
  • Admission to the Village of Ashley's Country Christmas
*plus processing fee

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Do I receive tickets in the mail?
A: No. The email confirmation you receive at the time you purchase your tickets serves as your reservation until the day of your trip. We will open up the doors to the Visitor Center approximately ONE HOUR prior to your departure time.  You will be able to pick up your souvenir tickets in the back room of the Visitor Center, at the Ticket table area. 

2. Q: Will the Pere Marquette 1225 or a Diesel be pulling the train for the each event?
A: The PM 1225 ("The Real Polar Express") will be pulling all North Pole Express trips. We will do everything in our power to ensure the PM 1225 is operational for your trip; however, sometimes there are situations that are beyond our control and therefore the Steam Railroading Institute must reserve the right to change out motive power or rolling stock at any time.

3. Q: What is the "Caboose" option?
A: During the North Pole Express:  The "Caboose" option allows up to 12 people to ride the North Pole Express in their own private caboose. The Steam Railroading Institute's restored cabooses are available for a rate of $1,550-$1,750, per caboose, depending on how close you get to Christmas. The caboose will have its own Conductor and is heated by the original coal stove and light from the period oil lamps. Guests may sit in the cupola (the upper section of the caboose) for a unique view of the train and passing scenery. Caboose guests will receive all of the same amenities received by Cocoa Class.

4. Q: My husband is sick. Can we get a refund or reschedule?
A: We offer refund protection insurance that is available at the time of your purchase. It is $30 per order, as such, ALL Sales are final unless Refund Protection Insurance is purchased before sale is completed. (Refund Protection Insurance will allow for a full refund up to 72 hours before event.) Due to the nature of the North Pole Express and the large volume of orders and typically sold out trips, we cannot offer refunds or make considerations. Please feel free to check with friends, colleagues, or family members to see if they could use your tickets.

5. Q: When should I arrive for my train trip?
A: Train departure times are prompt, please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of trip departure time to get checked in and seated. The Steam Railroading Institute will open the Will Call Box Office table one hour ahead of trip departure time. Please remember to dress for the weather conditions, there may be walking outside from activity to activity. Purchaser may be required to present their online ticketing confirmation or emailed confirmation receipt.

6. Q: We received eight inches of snow, are the trains still running?
A: Yes, the trips will still be running and the eight inches of snow should enhance your trip. Please remember that tickets are non-refundable so please plan your trip accordingly. Unless there is a State of Emergency declared by local or state government forbidding us from operating, we will run your trip. We will do our best to contact you in the case of emergency. If your trip is unable to run due to an emergency, your tickets will be fully refunded or traded for the next years North Pole Express based on your preference.

7. Q: Where do we park once we arrive?
A: If you are departing from the Steam Railroading Institute, free parking is available in the lot in between the NCG Movie Theater and JC Penney's directly across the river from us. We ask visitors to be considerate of designated business/residential lots around Downtown Owosso and keep them clear for their customers/residents. Handicap parking is conveniently located on the north side of our building.

8. Q: Is there lodging available in the area?
A: Please see the Shiawassee County Lodging and Camping page by the Shiawassee County Convention and Visitor Bureau.   Another suggestion for the destination trips we do is to check with those local Convention and Visitor Bureau's.  They are a great wealth of local knowledge and can help lead you to treasures that you might not find through a computer as they tend to know their communities and the business owners as well.

9. Q: What are the seating arrangements and how are seat assignments handled for the North Pole Express?
A: Our seating arrangements are similar to airline and charter bus seating. Our coaches are historic 1940's/50's built passenger cars with a single center aisle and two seats on either side of the aisle. They are in groups of four in most of the cocoa, deluxe coach, and coach tickets. (This link will show you pictures:  

For the North Pole Express, there are approximately 70-110 seats available in each coach, and over 900 seats per train. Seating assignments are completed the day of check-in, and we will do the best we can to accommodate parties at that time, but we cannot guarantee large groups can sit together without prior notice. The Steam Railroading Institute staff and volunteers try to the best of our ability to accommodate special requests but may not always be able to do so.

10. Q: What is the cost for children?
A: Our policy is 18 months and under may sit on parents lap and do not require a ticket. Everyone else is required to purchase a ticket. Our tickets are sold by seat.

11. Q: Are you wheel chair accessible?
A: Please provide prior notification to the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) staff of any special physical needs that are required by a patron visiting the SRI property or excursion equipment. The SRI property grounds and equipment are not fully handicap accessible due to the SRI historical preservation nature of its properties and equipment.

12. Q: What are your Visitor Center's normal hours of operation?
A:  April 6th - Memorial Day:  Friday - Saturday  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
     Memorial Day - Labor Day: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm,
     Labor Day - Memorial Day:  Friday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

               (We close during the North Pole Express until April.)    

13. Q: May I bring my own cooler with drinks and snacks on the train?
A:  No coolers, for security reasons and space constraints we must ask that no coolers be brought on the train.  We allow outside snacks to be brought on the train; however,  ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE BROUGHT ON THE TRAIN, IF YOU DO THEY WILL BE CONFISCATED.  

14. Q:  Can I bring a stroller?
A:  Strollers are permitted ONLY if they are under 25 lbs and fold up into a tight compact unit that is easily stowed.

15.  Q:  Are there bathrooms on the train?
A:  Emergency use only!  Very limited bathrooms available. 


Please provide prior notification to the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) staff of any special physical needs that are required by a patron visiting the SRI property or excursion equipment. The SRI property grounds and equipment are not fully handicap accessible due to the SRI historical preservation nature of its properties and equipment.