Announcement regarding Pere Marquette 1225 and the Port of Monroe Heritage Days 

Our Mechanical staff and volunteers at the Steam Railroading Institute have been doing extraordinary work over the last few months in an effort to get Pere Marquette 1225 reassembled for the Port of Monroe’s Heritage Festival at the end of September. But steam locomotives are complicated pieces of equipment that require a great deal of testing, inspections, and certifications before we can safely operate. Unfortunately, the time remaining before the Port event is insufficient to complete all of those steps. We regret to announce that PM 1225 will not be appearing in Monroe for Heritage Days on September 30th – October 1st.

Other railroad equipment will be on display in Monroe, along with tugboats, steam tractors, vintage aircraft flyovers, vendor tents, and more. We encourage everyone to attend the Heritage Days. It will be a fantastic event!

Pere Marquette 1225 will be steaming again very soon, so continue to watch our website and social media pages for updates. Thank you to all of our volunteers and staff for your dedication and continued hard work!